Wednesday, 12 October 2011

X-Axis Improvement Update

Having printed a few Prusa Mendel parts since modifying my x-axis, without changing any settings, I have now seen a very slight improvement in accuracy:

Left: Greg's Hinged Wade's Extruder Idler turned out the best I've printed yet, where the top-most section forming the hinge can sometimes be troublesome as it is such a small area, Right: Z-Motor Brackets have a slight blemish on the inner surface, but no layers going significantly out of line

Top: Prusa X-Motor Bracket is as straight as ever on tall flat sides, not much more bumpy than the squashed layers of plastic inevitably produce, Left: Complex geometry on Greg's Hinged Extruder Body with overhangs turned out ok, Right: Extruder Driven Gear printed fine, as close to a perfect circle as I've had yet.

No strings attached to any of the parts needing to be cleaned off, due to having already tuned the retraction settings to balance clean prints without jamming the extruder.

Still a way off the greatest example I've seen yet though:
Looks like the the left (tony buser's labour of love) uses a finer filament, probably 1.75mm feedstock. Story behind this here.

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