Saturday, 23 July 2011

Series Heating and Other Developments

After a long break spent graduating, moving furniture into/around our flat, and lots of other such messing around, I finally got around to permanently solving my heated printbed problem, while getting a sturdy desk to set the printer on.

First of all, I had a problem with the way my heated-bed power-supply was connected, as the circuit was fixed with solder, that meant that the adapter block was physically connected to my reprap by its cable, and that I couldn't easily change it for another power supply.
My solution to the problem of wanting to quickly connect/disconnect a DC power supply was to take some bits of electrical screw-terminal:
sometimes referred to as a 'chocolate block' connector, cheap in long blocks
...and bolt it to one of Nicoll's bolted PLA bushings for Prusa Mendel.