Monday, 3 October 2011

Mendel X-Axis Upgraded

Difficult to see here: M3 nut torn away plastic around it, as its slot was too shallow to pull it out of the space the bar goes through, so put too much torque on it trying to squash plastic
So my original x-axis modification design didn't quite go to plan as I found a couple of weaknesses in the prototypes, which didn't print brilliantly in the first place, but after putting wider tolerances in places, for instance making the spaces next to the smooth rods for M3 captive nuts 1.5 times as deep as they should be, I arrived at something much more robust.

That most significant change on the captive nut slots isn't visible, but the area directly around the motor bolt holes and the slot for the idler are reinforced with more material.
The belts are currently wrapped around the adapter a bit due to having several inches to spare after changing the axes, but I didn't want to clip them yet in case I wanted to go back and make any other modifications to the new design.
The new x-axis arrangement.
I ran another test with my very first printed object, the open rectangular box, which should have an ideal outside measurement of 60mm by 30mm, and it printed fine (unlike my first test ever) producing a box with outside measurements of 61mm by 31mm... until, that is, there was a random problem with the extruder getting a bit jammed, which is fine timing considering I've nearly finished building my hinged wade's extruder.

The end result, the new one holding the voltage-selection diodes that came with the power supply I got from mendel-parts:
Earliest and Latest prints, separated by half a year

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