Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Still Alive

Now I've learned far more about the world since graduating than I ever did at university in the same timespan, and this weekend I'll be presenting just a few of my thoughts, on a general topic of transitioning our wasteful and unsustainable linear economy into a circular economy founded upon 100% renewable energy. In summary, it's certainly necessary, but definitely not easy.
The subject deserves at least an hour for me to get all my points across clearly, but I have less than half of that to deliver it, so I intend to post my notes here as a companion guide at the same time. Stay tuned for more.

Plot-hole filler:

After being abandoned in the middle of nowhere by my last true friend, losing all motivation for my projects, and getting backstabbed by someone I thought was a friend there, while freezin' ma baws aff as a horrible winter hit a draughty council house that I ended up in, I got quite fed up and managed to escape that one-horse shitehole, to a town that actually has a lot of community spirit.
Having been here for over three years now, after moving home a total of 10 times in 9 years, I think I've finally found the right spot for me.
After a long period of putting my life back together I feel almost ready to engineer our freedom, and/or die trying.

This post is dedicated to anyone suffering through depression, and finding out that most people have no fucking clue how to help you. I hope that you find whatever kind of support it is that you need.
I had to throw myself at every opportunity that I could, when I could manage it, as nothing helped much, but slowly building a new social network around me has seemed to make some difference, even if there's still nobody else whom I can call a true friend who has my back.
I'd like to share a couple of songs with you that I find motivational, one for my dad's 'boomer generation:

...and a favourite of mine for the current generation:

Excuse the cheesiness.

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